Ministry of Health

MOH Global Fund grants in Liberia


Ministry of Health is a Principal Recipient for two active Global Fund grants in Liberia with oversight from Liberia Coordinating Mechanism.
1. TB/HIV Grant

Program Title: Strengthening TB/HIV Collaboration to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality.
Grant Name: LBR-C-MOH
Grant Number: 1030
Disease: HIV/AIDS/Tuberculosis
Grant Committed Amount: Up to the amount of US$27,343,287 (Twenty-Seven Million Three Hundred Forty-Three Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty-Seven US Dollars) or its equivalent in other currencies.
Time frame; April 1, 2016, to December 31, 2017


  •  To reduce TB prevalence and incidence by 2018;
  • To stop new HIV infections in Liberia
  • To keep PLHIV alive and healthy in Liberia; and
  • To mitigate the socio-economic impact on people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Liberia.

 Target Group/Beneficiaries:

The Program will target and benefit the following groups:

  • TB patients and their families;
  •  People living with HIV;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Prisoners, women, children, miners, residents of slum areas; and
  • General population.

4. Strategies:

  •  Pursue high-quality DOTS expansion and enhancement
  • Address TB-HIV, MDR-TB, and the needs of poor and vulnerable populations
  • Contribute to health system strengthening based on primary health care
  • Engage all care providers
  • Empower people with TB, and communities through partnership
  • Enable and promote research
  •  Increase access to HIV prevention and treatment services
  • Provide HIV prevention information and services to key and vulnerable populations
  • Increase care and support for PLHIV
  • Strengthen national health and community systems

 Planned Activities:


Under the responsibility of the National AIDS Control Program, the activities implemented under this grant include:

  • scale-up high quality pediatric and adult pre-ART and ART services, including implementation of the 2013 WHO ART guidelines;
  • increase access to and uptake of PMTCT services;
  • enhance defaulter tracing and ensuring adherence to treatment;
  • promote access to and uptake of HTC;
  • ensure access to HIV prevention and treatment services among key populations, including FSWs, MSMs, transgender people, PWIDs, and prisoners, fishermen, miners and youth in and out of school;
  •  strengthen strong linkages to care for newly diagnosed HIV-positive individuals;
  •   improve laboratory and diagnostic capacities for pre-ART and ART, TB/HIV, and PMTCT services, including CD4 testing, viral load testing, TB screening, and PCR for EID;
  • reinforce health information system and M&E;
  • scale-up HIV/TB services; and
  • manage the HIV program effectively.


Under the responsibility of the National TB and Leprosy Program, the activities implemented under this grant include:

  • procurement and supply management of the 1st line and 2nd line TB drugs;
  • strengthening of the collection and transport of sputum samples;
  • strengthening laboratory capacity through the roll-out of new technologies: procurement  of GeneXperts, X rays, and MGIT (liquid culture);
  •  roll-out of GeneXpert to detect RR-TB cases among retreatment cases, PLHIV, extrapulmonary TB, and children;
  • establish culture and drug susceptibility testing to confirm MDR-TB cases;
  • systematic TB screening among PLHIV, HIV testing among TB patients, ART provision for co-infected patients, and roll out of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) among eligible PLHIV;
  • scale-up active case finding in slums communities in 7 counties;
  • community interventions will be scaled up to promote social mobilization using the effective EVD community approach; community health workers (CHWs) will ensure treatment adherence, defaulter tracing and household contact tracing, and community referrals;
  •  strengthening health information system and M&E, timely reporting through DHIS II (from facilities to counties and from counties to DHIS II) will also improve;
  •  scale-up HIV/TB services; and
  •  effective program management.