LCM bids farewell to Outgoing Oversight Chair, Madam Jessica Healey


LCM bids farewell to Outgoing Oversight Chair, Madam Jessica Healey, US Government representatives on Liberia’s Health Recovery who serves in the capacity of Director of Health for USAID as she complete her mission to the West African Nation, Liberia.

The LCM acknowledged Madam Healey’s contribution to the LCM and the entire Health system of the country. The institution being represented it’s Techical officer, Program and Administrative officer, and Key Population Techical Lead Y Solomon W Watkins, Ansulisa H Bility and Evans Adofo presented a gift produced from African fabrics.

In response, Madam Jessica Healey expressed gratitude working with the LCM over the years. In her words, ” I appreciate so much the time spent with you all in Liberia and will always remain grateful serving Liberia through the LCM. I hope you are able to “unstick” the issue with low yield in the Plan program and that you can paint a clearer picture for Liberia on the mother peer program, among areas. It has been a challenging journey and there are still some rough seas ahead but I think the struggle is worth it to make this money count for the people who need it most.

Karen Koprince will be the USAID rep on the Oversight Committee and is the acting health director for USAID.

I’ll keep this email and my phone number for now and will stay in touch.”

She further appreciated the LCM for the gift and promised to always remember the LCM’S family.

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